Naggar Textile

Next level of theEgyptian textile

We are the owners of following brands:-

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About Us

Naggar Textile is a legendary Egyptian manufacturer of fabrics, the company has gained the highest craftsmanship in creating the premium segment fabrics that are regularly shown on the world’s largest catwalks. Its quest for new fibres and advanced knit technologies never stops, company has become a prominent brand over the years, whose fabrics are highly distinguished for quality and the enchanting vibe of Egypt in the design. 

owener of these brands:-

  • 1:- IstanBul Textile
  • 2:- Lovely Cotton
  • 3:- Zahret Masr Textile

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What We Make

  • Bedding

  • Bathrone

  • Egyptian Terry Towel

  • Kitchen Towels



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  • TEL: +20122 9914499
  • FAX : +2040 2976823
  • Address : 9th km Mahalla Mansoura Road , Mahalla Kubra ,Gharbia, Egypt.

    Eng.Mohamed El-Naggar

    Export Manager & Owner
    • Phone : +20122 3962814 & +20111 6090944
    • Email &

    Mr. Amr Sobhy El Naggar

    Domestic Manager & Owner
    • Phone : +2012 23986198 & +2011 12114646
    • Email : &

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